15 Things About The GREAT RESET

Published on November 23, 2021

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15 Things About The GREAT RESET
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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
What is the World Economic Forum Great Reset?
Will there be a currency reset?
What is the great reset Davos?
When did Klaus Schwab write the great reset?
Who wrote the great reset?
What is the World Economic Forum and what role does it play?
Is Dollar going to collapse?
What is the safest currency?
What will happen to my debt when the dollar collapses?
Who attended Davos 2020?
Who’s coming to Davos 2020?
How do you get invited to Davos?
Will there be a financial reset in 2020?
What is a reset?
Who runs the World Economic Forum?
When was Covid 19 The Great Reset written?
Is Davos 2021 happening?
What is a market reset?
Will US dollar get stronger in 2020?
How many private jets went to Davos?
What happened Davos 2020?
How much is a ticket to Davos?
Where is the World Economic Forum being held?

00:00 – Intro
00:34 – It’s a proposal by the World Economic Forum to make business fairer and greener.
01:39 – Some healthy skepticism is justified.
02:48 – But some theories about it go far beyond fact…
03:56 – …but more and more people are taking them seriously.
04:40 – Theories like these spread fast on the internet.
05:16 – …and ideas like these go back back to well before the pandemic.
05:48 – The WEF doesn’t even have any authority over governments
06:23 – The theories really started when Justin Trudeau mentioned the word ‘reset’ at the UN.
07:30 – The Great Reset does actually have some pretty bad PR.
08:13 – The Great Reset is big on green infrastructure investments.
09:01 – It’s also big on carbon pricing cutting down on emissions.
09:36 – The Great Reset is big on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
10:13 – It’s also big on remote work.
10:50 – It is a fact that over the pandemic the poor have got poorer and the rich have got richer.
11:34 – Put it all together, and unfortunately, you’ve got fertile ground for conspiracy theories.
12:24 – Question

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Are Schwab Offices Open

Are Schwab Offices Open, 15 Things About The GREAT RESET.

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