GameStop Update | Robinhood Lawsuit | GameStop Trading Restrictions

Published on May 17, 2021

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0:00 GameStop and Robinhood Update
2:33 GME After Hours Trading
4:55 Robinhood & Interactive Brokers Halts Trading
7:56 Politicians React
11:40 Claim Robinhood colluded with Wall Street
15:25 Interactive Brokers Explanation
17:30 Robinhood Explanation & $1 Billion Capital Infusion
19:15 Robinhood Conspiracy Theory
22:26 The Story of Piggly Wiggly
26:00 Robinhood Class Action Lawsuit
28.35 Why Robinhood Lawsuit will Fail
33:45 Robinhood vs. Tesla

Robinhood and Interactive Brokers halted trading on GameStop stock yesterday. Robinhood prohibited traders from buying GME, AMC and other stocks, while still allowing sales. The reaction from wallstreetbets, politicians and market watchers was immediate. The issue quickly become one of small retailer investors versus hedge funds and wall street. A class action has already been filed against Robinhood alleging that it intentionally manipulated the market to benefit financial institutions.

In this video, we’ll look at while Robinhood and Interactive Brokers halted trades of GameStop and other stocks. We’ll also look at what some say are sinister motives. We’ll cover why the Robinhood lawsuit will likely fail. We’ll also look at why Tesla and GameStop’s stock prices are divorced from fundamentals, yet both companies are fundamentally different.

What do you think will happen with GameStop stock today? Will lawsuits against Robinhood be successful?

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Did Fidelity Restrict Gamestop

Did Fidelity Restrict Gamestop, GameStop Update | Robinhood Lawsuit | GameStop Trading Restrictions.

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GameStop Update | Robinhood Lawsuit | GameStop Trading Restrictions, Play top full length videos related to Did Fidelity Restrict Gamestop.

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