GameStop’s Rally Halts as Trading Platforms Prevent Purchases

Published on May 23, 2021

Best guide related to Ten Tips, Credit Card Application Refused, and Did Charles Schwab Halt Trading, GameStop’s Rally Halts as Trading Platforms Prevent Purchases.

GameStop Corp.‘s momentous rally came to a halt Thursday as online trading platforms like Robinhood Markets stopped clients from purchasing its shares.

The shares erased an earlier rally and fell as much as 28% to $249.73 at 9:00 a.m. in New York after clients of Robinhood reported that they were unable to trade high-flying stocks, including GameStop and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.

Those stocks and others are “not supported” on Robinhood, according to a note on at least one of its platforms Thursday. On Wednesday, Charles Schwab Corp.’s TD Ameritrade also curtailed transactions on GameStop, AMC and other securities.

GameStop had surged more than 40% earlier, momentarily pushing the stock above $500.

Did Charles Schwab Halt Trading

Did Charles Schwab Halt Trading, GameStop’s Rally Halts as Trading Platforms Prevent Purchases.

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