Infidelity, fidelity, cheating polygraph, lie detector: How does an infidelity polygraph exam work?

Published on November 1, 2021

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Infidelity, fidelity, cheating polygraph and lie detector testing is performed on a daily basis all over the world. But what exactly do these exams actually analyze or investigate?

Infidelity, fidelity or cheating polygraph or lie detector tests will assess someone’s behavior during a relationship. However, within this premise there can be many nuances.

What types of infidelity tests exist?

When a polygraph test of infidelity is carried out, what is analyzed is usually whether there was some kind of infidelity behavior during the relationship. However, within this objective there may be differences and nuances.

Normally the variables that are going to be considered are:

  1. Time of reference
  2. Infidelity actions

Reference time:

The reference time is the time taken into consideration to analyze an issue? For example, since the relationship began, since the couple married, were there moments of separation during the relationship, etc.

This is an important point when formulating test questions.

Usually the difference in time is usually:

From the beginning of the relationship (Since the couple was engaged)
Since the couple was married
While they were officially together (When there were separations during the relationship)

Infidelity actions:

Infidelity actions that are measured can be very different. This depends in large part on the definition that can be given to the word “infidelity” or “fidelity”.

A more “liberal” couple may consider extra-marital relationships acceptable while a more “traditional” couple may have a much more conservative idea of what is or is not allowed in the relationship.

There may also be cases where some kind of action happened but an infidelity wasn’t consummated. Probably a kiss, a proposal, an initial approach, intimate contacts but that have not concluded in a complete sexual relationship.

Sometimes infidelity actually happened, however the couple wants to make sure that it has been a unique situation and it doesn’t go on. Then the test focuses on confirming that there are no behaviors that can indicate otherwise. Defining the scope of an infidelity action is important before starting the exam.

Normally in infidelity tests analyze:

  • If there was any attempt, or an infidelity has been consummated
  • If a person has been totally honest about their given version with respect to actions that can be considered infidelity (for example, there was only a kiss, only exchange of messages in a social network but did not go further, etc.)
  • If the person being examined is being honest about their current loyalty behaviors

As explained, each polygraph test is different and depending on the objective the tools used to contrast the veracity of a person will be adapted to each case.

Important is to:

  1. Define the time of reference
  2. Actions that are considered infidelity


Video produced by Amável Sanches, forensic psychophysiologist, polygraph expert, member of the American Polygraph Association, Primary Polygraph Instructor, major in forensic sciences by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

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How Fidelity Test Is Done

How Fidelity Test Is Done, Infidelity, fidelity, cheating polygraph, lie detector: How does an infidelity polygraph exam work?.

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