Interactive Brokers Review – Client Portal PLUS Fee comparison

Published on August 30, 2021

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Interactive Brokers: My Main Brokerage Platform

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My trading platform that I use. Reliable and regulated trading platform. I now have Interactive Brokers as well as Saxo.


By popular demand, today I am here to do a review on the stock trading platform from Interactive brokers called Client Portal.
I have looked at Saxo Banks Saxo Trader Go platform in the past and today we try out Interactive Brokers.

So I get a little concerned with the rise of all these stock trading apps. Robinhood, Webull, Trading 212, the list goes on, that have all recently been pushing hard to gain market share.

What is their track record? How are they financed? Are your deposits secured by the government?

I recommend Saxo Bank but only up to 100,000 Euro because that is what is guaranteed by the Danish Bank.

Interactive Brokers reputation.

Well here are the things that I think are important reasons why I chose Interactive Brokers as my second account.
250,000 USD is guaranteed by Lloyds of London
IB has $8.1 Billion USD in reserves, which is 6 billion above the recommended amount by the regulators.

For buying or selling most stocks, the fees are really good.

So a normal $7000 trade of something like Bank of America which is about $24 will mean you buy about 291 shares.
This will cost you $1.45 in fees.

Generally, for most people, especially long term value investors who look for good companies, well we are going to be completely fine and the fees are really affordable.

What countries can you get an Interactive Brokers account?

Apologies to my Somolian, North Korean and Zimbabwe friends out there.

Comparing Brokerage Accounts

So if I was a US citizen, I would start with TD Ameritrade at this stage.
And If I was starting and had between $10,000 – $100,000 I think Saxo is the better option because the inactivity fees of Interactive Brokers is high. But after $100,000k Interactive Brokers is far better.

If you have any suggestions, please reach out, as I would love to review another platform that most people in the world can use.

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So a quick note about the inactivity fees. It’s something that you need to factor into your decision.

Inactivity Fees.
SaxoTraderGo Inactivity Fees
$100 if completely inactive for 6 months
So you just need to make 1 trade every 6 months.
Dividend Reinvestments count as a trade.

Saxo Trader Go platform Inactivity Fees = $100 if no trades executed in a 6 month period. So this is pretty easy to not let happen.

Interactive Brokers Client Portal Inactivity Fees (non US residents)
$0 Monthly Fee IF you spend $10 in fees OR
have over $100,000 in account value.
US residents – Interactive Brokers Lite platform and make sure the fees are waived.
Interactive Brokers Client Portal Inactivity Fees = $10 per month, unless you make enough trades to spend more than $10. Or you have more than $100,000 USD of account value.
If you are a US resident, then you can get the fees waived if you get the Interactive brokers Lite trading account. That’s what I would do if I was a US resident.

So this is far easier to forget about and get hit with $10 monthly fees. So my advice would be to get your balance above $100k, because it is unlikely you will spend $10 in brokerage fees every month in trades.

SaxoTraderGo Vs Interactive Brokers Client Portal
So Saxo has a better inactivity fee structure. But the trading fees are higher.
So more or less, you will probably spend about the same in fees for both platforms if you are a long term investor like me.

Are Interactive Brokers Safe

Are Interactive Brokers Safe, Interactive Brokers Review – Client Portal PLUS Fee comparison.

Composing Online In 2 Syllables Or Less

An option seller’s trade becomes a growing number of important, as the option premium continues to decrease. You click a couple of buttons and your offer is done. Any journey begins with a single primary step.

Interactive Brokers Review – Client Portal PLUS Fee comparison, Watch popular full length videos related to Are Interactive Brokers Safe.

A Basic Plan To Market Online – Make Money Quickly!

In this method, you will understand how to trade without the help from the bots. Enter into such kind of communities and make use of existing online comparison. This will figure out which broker you can deal with.

Doing service on the web today supplies lots of different cash making methods for anybody who is just a little imaginative. Some individuals think that the very best way is to utilize is to earn money online trading. There have actually been lots of individuals that have actually found success by trading online to make money. It is essential to know the reasons so many individuals have actually discovered success with this type of chance.

This just indicates that for as long as the present agreement is in result, the contract’s purchaser is the one who has approval and rights to buy things at a certain cost in the start of the agreement. It’s known as a strike cost and this in no other way can be changed for any factor.

Firstly, do not begin the trading zone without knowledge about the marketplace. Read some recommendations first so you will know how to manipulate you Interactive Brokers trade all throughout the trading hour.

1) An account – There are a number of stock trading accounts online (likewise called broker websites, trading accounts, etc.) that have low charge per trade rates. Considering that penny stocks are generally priced at $1 or less per stock, make sure that the services you spend for your account will not considerably impact your revenues. Also research on each of your choices before making a decision. There’s constantly Google and Yahoo for that.

You need to think about that if you don’t easily have access to a computer with an internet connection, you will not always have the capability to browse the web Interactive Brokers to make a trade.You need to have a back up strategy to be able to speak and call with your broker if this holds true. This is ought to be the case whether you are a sophisticated or a beginner trader.

Numerous online trading platforms have the ability to permit you to “replicate” real trading. This implies you can go into and leave orders without any money being at risk. In my modest viewpoint this is an absolutely incredible feature. Lots of people likewise refer to this as a practice account. It’s sort of like driving around on an empty parking area on a Sunday when you have your student’s license. It gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with and master the essentials prior to you head out onto a hectic street.

Go to your forex broker’s site when you choose on a broker. They’ll normally have a link right on the homepage that says something like “Get a Free Demo”. Click on the link and follow the instructions. They’ll typically have some sort of kind to fill out that has your details in order to get the demonstration. You can then continue to download the platform that you want to utilize once you’ve done that.

So, if you want to make Forex currency online trading successful, you need to keep your self-confidence up and be preparing to make some little losses in the beginning. When you have mastered the tested basic trading system, you will make more rewarding trade than ever which will cover your little losses and make a big gain!

Can you truly create excellent wealth with Forex currency online trading? This will give brand-new trader opportunities to begin and find out to trade stock. However this is plainly a ridiculous thing in the eyes of skilled traders.

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