Schwab-TD Ameritrade Merger

Published on June 17, 2021

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Schwab purchased TD Ameritrade and closed the deal last week, October 7th. The full integration of the two should take 18 to 36 months to complete. This means the technology tie-up and related efforts won’t be done until April 2022, at the earliest, and by October 2023, at the latest. Until then, Schwab and TD Ameritrade will operate as separate businesses.

So what will this mean for investors down the road? Time will tell, but there are some indications investors may wind up paying the price with new charges/fees. Watch and comment your thoughts below. Hopefully we’re NOT right on this one.

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Does Charles Schwab Own Td Ameritrade

Does Charles Schwab Own Td Ameritrade, Schwab-TD Ameritrade Merger.

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