The New and Improved Fidelity Stock Trading App Tutorial

Published on December 8, 2021

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Fidelity has come out with their new Beta version of the app. In this video I am going to go through a tutorial of the new app as well as some tips and tricks of the new app. First, I would like to mention how to turn on the beta version of the Fidelity app if you have not been able to turn it on yet.

To turn on the beta version of the Fidelity app you must click the “more” tab at the bottom right hand corner of the app and at the top there will be a button to press to turn on the “beta trading experience” of the Fidelity stock trading app.

There are some things I hope Fidelity adds to the app but so far I am very happy to see a reputable company like Fidelity working on creating a new and improved stock trading app.

Intro 0:00
Get FREE Stocks! 1:08
Fidelity Beta App Dashboard 1:31
How to Switch Between Different Accounts in Fidelity App 2:08
Account Value Tab 2:45
Activity Tab 3:25
New Stock Holdings and Watchlist Layout 4:30
How to Change Display Data 5:10
How To Search and Find Stocks 6:40
How To Trade Stocks on Fidelity App 7:34
Details on Single Stock 7:54
How to Trade Options on Fidelity App10:18
Details on Single Stock Continued.. 10:55
New Features Coming to the Fidelity App 11:58
How to Get Dark Mode on Fidelity App 12:33
Final Thoughts 13:19


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Is Fidelity Open 24 Hours

Is Fidelity Open 24 Hours, The New and Improved Fidelity Stock Trading App Tutorial.

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The New and Improved Fidelity Stock Trading App Tutorial, Enjoy trending full videos about Is Fidelity Open 24 Hours.

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