Why The U.S. Government And Big Tech Disagree On Encryption

Published on August 13, 2021

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Encryption takes data like a text message or email and converts it into code to prevent viewers other than the desired recipient from seeing the original message. It’s gotten companies like Apple and Facebook in hot water with the U.S. government for prohibiting the government from accessing that data.

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Why The U.S. Government Is Fighting Facebook Over Encryption

What Do e-Traders Use Encryption For

What Do e-Traders Use Encryption For, Why The U.S. Government And Big Tech Disagree On Encryption.

Learning Online – Forex Trading For Beginners

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Why The U.S. Government And Big Tech Disagree On Encryption, Search more high definition online streaming videos related to What Do e-Traders Use Encryption For.

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Let me explain a comparable scenario that began in the early 90’s. Stockbrokers had this exact same worry; would eTrade damage their organization; well it certainly appeared like it. But no, it didn’t, in fact it increased the requirement for brokers. Well how can this be you ask. Simple, the internet made the stock market more available.

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This is absolutely outrageous, as it puts the Treasury Secretary above the law. Even the President can be taken before a court – keep in mind Expense Clinton. Nixon needed to be pardoned so he would not have to go to court. Our entire system of federal government is based upon checks and balances, however this expense takes all of that away when it comes to the Treasury Secretary. It is a mad power grab. Who understands what steps he may bring or propose e*Trade out in the future with these new powers?

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